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About Swords and Shields

Hello and welcome to Swords and Shields!

We are a family run business located 15 miles from Edinburgh, who started off with a stall at various historical reinactment fairs in England. We noticed that there was not a great deal of choice for children and that which we did find, was either very poor quality or good quality but very expensive. So we decided to change that by sourcing a very high quality product range for children at an affordable price.

We spent the best part of a year looking for ideas and suitable materials. Then it happened....

My wife Susan and I had not been on holiday for almost 5 years due to a car collision rendering Susan unfit to travel.... until she recovered from her injuries. So, the time finally arrived and we took a brainstorm to go and see an American tribute band called 'Think Floyd' which took us on a four day cruise from Miami Florida to the Bahamas! (It sounds a lot posher than it was, believe me) After the cruise, we did the usual theme-park stuff in Orlando which changed both of us back into 12 year olds :)

May 10th 2009 was my Birthday, which we found out was a bit of an advantage because you can visit any one Walt Disney park for free! We decided to go to the Epcot Centre as we didn't really want any more Mickey and Goofy. That was where we found the Liontouch brand of products, proudly displayed in the Tower of London themed building in the British quarter of Epcot World Expo. Fate or what?!

It was Susan who actually noticed them and came over to me grinning from ear to ear and brandishing the Knights shield and sword. I was totally gobsmacked at the quality and visual appearance of the Liontouch products, their prices at the Epcot Centre were even very reasonable. So, we took the contact details from one of the swords and contacted Liontouch in Denmark that very evening from our hotel room. We were sweating buckets, not just because of the Florida humidity but in case our Liontouch discovery was exclusive to Epcot.

It wasn't thankfully....and here we are! The web site was launched in the third week of July 2009 and we are now the UK distributor for Liontouch products. Swords'n'Shields is supported by our existing business www.airsoftworld.net which distributes toys for a specific older market.

Anyway, please enjoy our web site and try a couple of our products. We are sure you will be impressed.

To all of you, from all of us at Swords'n'Shields - Thank you for reading this short story and happy sword-fighting!

Susan & Steve
Your local 'Foamsmiths'